Export of Iranian caviar ( ZAAM ) :
1. Caviar type: Beluga caviar, A grade , raised sturgeon  
2. Caviar size: directly related to the caught fish and its fishing season varies from 3 to 3/4.
3. For export, you must obtain a CITES permits  and an exit permit, so the export price differ from the price of caviar inside.
4. Obtaining CITES  &  export  permits  is the seller responsibility.
5. payment term is 50% Advance.
6. Caviar exports and settlement time ?   After order registering and prepayment, the CITES  &  export  permits  must be obtained, in which takes 25 days.
7. Foreign customers must have a company  registered in the destination country.
8. The foreign customer must obtain an import license to the destination country through the provided CITES permits
9. To Get information on the export price of Beluga caviar per Kilogram, please contact the commercial department of ZAAM Company.
10. Delivery cost is buyer responsibility.
11. The cost of sending caviar is less than 5 kg with the customer.
​​​​​​​12. Only farmed caviar is exported and sea caviar is only available for partial sale due to its scarcity.

 Process and conditions of caviar export