What do you know about the dried fruit trade?

What do you know about the dried fruit trade? Most people are familiar with dried fruits and nuts and think that nuts and dried fruits are two categories that are aligned, but this is not the case. Dried fruit is one of the conversion materials of agricultural products.
Industrial sliced ​​dried fruit is a great product for export markets. The best quality and taste of dried fruit is produced by Iranian producers. Also, its supply price is more suitable for an export customer than some countries producing this product, and this has provided a special opportunity for the development of dried fruit trade. Then join Ferdowsi Business Center to review the most important points of dried fruit trade.

What do you know about the dried fruit trade?
Dried fruit industry in Iran

This industry can turn fresh fruit into different products with higher shelf life. Among these products, we can mention dried fruits and even desserts. These two products are two new processes of fresh fruit that have a very good market in European countries.
Today, some European countries have replaced dried fruits or nuts with chemical energizers, which is why European markets are a very good market for Iranian dried fruits.
Due to the fact that the dried fruit industry in Iran is a nascent industry, Iran has been able to introduce itself as a major hub in the field of production and export of dried fruits.
If you look at the last decade, even the people of Iran were not very familiar with dried fruits and dried fruits had no place in people's shopping carts. Today, people realize the properties of dried fruit and try to consume this product all year round.
Iran is a very good source of exports for many goods; The low cost of production in Iran for many countries on the one hand, and on the other hand, having suitable and low-cost water and land roads has made even the purchase of goods imported to Iran, more suitable than direct purchase from the producer country.
Therefore, in the case of a special product such as dried fruit, which has excellent qualitative and quantitative potentials in Iran, the issue can be examined in a special way.
To export dried fruit, you must know the target market properly and produce the product in accordance with the standards of the same market.

Which dried fruits have a high potential for export?
To answer this question, we must see what fruits can be produced in Iran and which products are imported for drying?
Generally, in the price list of mixed and simple Iranian dried fruits, there are various products, many of which are produced in Iran itself; Peaches, plums, persimmons, kiwis, cantaloupes, strawberries and many more.
But in the meantime, products such as bananas, mangoes, coconuts and pineapples are imported, and therefore their dried fruits are produced at a higher price and may not be suitable options for the dried fruit trade.
Except for the four cases mentioned, Iran has a very good variety in terms of fruit and consequently dried fruit, each of which can be produced in the best way and offered in the world market.

Assessing the value of dried fruit in global markets:
Dried fruit is about four times more expensive than natural fruit and is very valuable economically. Of course, the product packaging must be completely hygienic.
Due to the importance of dried fruit as a snack, its economic value increases. These dried fruits have all the vitamins in a preserved form.
Dried food, unlike other fresh foods, has advantages such as lightness, small size, easy to carry, no need for cold storage to prevent mold and easy packaging, all of which increase the value of dried fruit exports several times. Has equalized.

Which countries have the best market for dried fruit exports?
According to official Iranian customs statistics, the UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Syria, Russia and Afghanistan are the best markets for dried fruit exports.

It is important to note that among all dried fruit export markets, European countries today are in dire need of buying dried fruit because the price and quality of Iranian dried fruit is very reasonable. They tend to buy this product from Iran.
If you can provide a good platform for buyers of dried fruits to find you and know you as a seller of this product, you can make a very good and significant profit from the sale of this product.