about company

Zarrin Asia Trading Company Alvand Mehr, with the brand name ZAAM with registration number 772236 was established in 1399 with the license of export and import and providing all commercial services, the head office of this unit in Iran, Mashhad and office No. 2 in Armenia in Yerevan , Is located. This company started its activity in the field of export and import in 1399 and immediately after a few months, with its experienced and specialized personnel, it expanded its activity in the field of world trade.
The unique features of this set are speed, accuracy and honesty in all executive operations.
Coordinated management, experienced personnel, strong communications and intelligence capabilities, by moving in the direction of the latest rules and regulations of current import and export trade and development and trade, enable ZAAM company to perform any business operations successfully and in the shortest possible time. To send.
ZAAM Group currently exports gasoline and diesel, urea fertilizer, nuts and dried fruits, as well as other Iranian goods
And ... offers services to dear customers. And soon other needs of the Iranian market in this industry will be added to its activities.
Our strategy is market internationalization, business diversification, development and industrialization of foreign trade.

Targets :
. Increase the level of customer satisfaction and strengthen bilateral relations
. Export and currency for the country due to its proximity to the open waters of the Persian Gulf
. Serving dear traders, manufacturers, importers and exporters to develop international trade
And Iran's industry is dear.

field of activity :
Export and import of goods
Supplier of Iranian goods
Internal and external transit
Unloading and loading
Services for buying and sending goods from Central Asian countries

export products :
Production, supply, packaging and export of dried fruits and nuts
Supply and export of various petroleum products
Supply and export of urea fertilizer
Supply and export of Iranian luxury goods