Pistachios are exported in various ways, including dried pistachios, fresh pistachios, pistachio kernels, and so on. The process of pistachio exports is important for many traders. In this article, we will talk about the conditions for pistachio exports, how to export pistachios, types of pistachios for export, and the problems of pistachio exports, and we will provide you with all the information you need to export pistachios. Stay with us.
The world imports pistachios worth $ 2.848 billion worth of fresh or dried pistachios, and $ 623 million worth of pistachio kernels.​​​​​​​

Familiarity with pistachios : 
Pistachio is a tree with two stems and belongs to the genus Pistachio. The domestic pistachio tree L Vera Pistacia belongs to the genus Anacardiaceae. Pistacia has 11 species, all of which secrete turpentine or turpentine. The plants of this genus are in the form of trees or shrubs.

Pistachios are grown in which provinces of Iran ?
Pistachios are grown in the provinces of Kerman, Yazd, Khorasan, Fars, Semnan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Markazi, Qazvin and Isfahan. The area under pistachio cultivation in recent years has been about 360,000 hectares. Due to the limitations of water resources and climate change, many of these lands have been taken out of cultivation and the area under pistachio cultivation in Kerman province is decreasing.

Of course, due to the acceptance of pistachio planting in other provinces, the area under cultivation of this product is increasing in Iran. It can be said that Kerman province's share of Iranian pistachio production is a quarter.

What is the best country to export pistachios?
In the continuation of the article, we have given the statistics of pistachio exports, where you can see the largest importer and exporter of pistachios. The best countries for pistachio exports are the countries with the highest number of pistachio imports.

Germany ($ 129 million), Italy ($ 105 million), India ($ 84 million), France ($ 25 million), Saudi Arabia and the UAE are each the largest importers of pistachio kernels with $ 23 million.
Iran ($ 114 million), the United States ($ 106 million), Turkey ($ 83 million), Germany ($ 54 million) and Afghanistan ($ 29 million) are the largest exporters of pistachio kernels.

Types of Iranian pistachios for export
To analyze the profit of pistachio exports, it is better to be familiar with its types. This allows you to choose the right type of pistachio and export pistachios to the target country, and make more profit from exporting pistachios.

Hazelnut pistachio
This type of pistachio is smaller than other types and the size of a hazelnut. Hazelnut pistachios due to their small size include more in each weight. This has attracted the attention of many traders and has a high rate of pistachio exports.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is larger than hazelnut pistachio and has the best taste compared to other types of pistachios. That is why it is one of the popular pistachios for export. Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are mostly exported to East Asian countries.
India and Greece are among the countries that want Ahmad Aghaei pistachios. Its white color and redness of its kernel have made Ahmad Aghaei pistachio known as one of the best varieties in the market. This pistachio is one of the middle and late flowering cultivars in the mentioned divisions.

Akbari Pistachio
Akbari pistachio is more elongated and more expensive than Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. It can be said that Akbari pistachio is the most expensive type of pistachio for export in Iran.

Pistachio head ram
This type of pistachio is coarse and round. It tastes a little different from other types of pistachios. The harvest time of Koleghoochi pistachio is the second decade of September
Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the early flowering varieties that is more at risk of cold and damage than other types. This figure is also very sensitive to water and food shortages.

Almond Pistachio
This type of pistachio is similar to Ahmad Aghaei and is known by this name because of its resemblance to almond kernels.
Almond pistachio is one of the varieties that flowers early. Since it can be harvested in the first half of August, it is one of the very early cultivars.

Pistachio kernels
Prepared and packaged pistachio kernels are also among the types of exported pistachios that are used for food industry.

Pistachio export conditions:
To start the process of pistachio export, we first pay attention to customer needs. The type of pistachio for export can vary depending on the importing country. The best type is usually used to export pistachios to Europe.

In less developed countries, due to lower incomes of the society, the export of medium quality pistachios is appropriate. Of course, pistachios are exported according to the customs standards of the exporting country and the importing country; And certain types of products may be banned from entering a country.

For example, food standards in Germany are very strict about aflatoxin levels, and to export pistachios to Germany, one must pay attention to the amount of aflatoxins.

It is essential to have standards for the import of nuts and foodstuffs in the customs of the EU countries. Getting a health certificate to control aflatoxin levels in pistachios is very important, but it can be a bit time consuming and you should anticipate enough time for that.

Necessary licenses for pistachio export:
One of the important issues in pistachio exports is its packaging. For pistachio exports, proper packaging with company information and cargo information is very important.

During the pistachio export process, exporters are required to obtain health certifications and aflatoxin control testing. However, if the export of pistachios is in the form of complete packaging of the company and has the health licenses of the packaging company, there is no need for re-approval and this method is for the export of bulk pistachios.

To obtain health certifications for pistachio exports, the product is first sampled and sent to a laboratory to obtain a plant health certificate.

How to export pistachios:
After going through steps such as health certification and…, you must proceed to transport the goods. Ship your product to a reputable company. GTG Trading Company is ready to provide a variety of international shipping services. Before transporting, inspect the containers carefully and use disinfectants to kill insects and fungi if necessary. Especially in the circumstances that you have chosen sea transportation for pistachio export and sea humidity may affect the product.

Everything Pistachio Trading Companies Need to Know

About Iranian Pistachio Exports:

Among the pistachios in the world, Iranian pistachio has the first rank in terms of quality. Iranian pistachio can withstand higher temperatures due to its unsaturated oils. For this reason, it can be roasted. Roasting pistachios at high temperatures kills any contaminants or bacteria.

​​​​​​​Benefits of Iranian pistachio:

Iranian pistachios have their own benefits, including:

Variety of Iranian pistachios:

There are different types of Iranian pistachios. Hazelnut or Ouhadi pistachios, Koleghoochi, Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei are among its types, each of which has its own taste and properties. From one perspective, Iranian pistachios are divided into two general types: hazelnut and almond. Hazelnuts are round and almonds are elongated and narrow.

Pistachio kernel taller than its shell:
Iranian pistachio kernels are taller than their shells. In fact, Iranian pistachios contain more nuts.

 Can be roasted:

Iranian pistachio does not contain saturated oil. For this reason, Iranian pistachio has a higher capacity against heat and can be heated between 160 and 180 degrees Celsius. This amount of roasting gives the pistachio a unique taste, while killing any bacteria. Unlike other pistachios, which can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.

 Great taste:
Undoubtedly, the reason for the popularity of Iranian pistachios is its unique taste. Each type of Iranian pistachio has its own taste and the producers use a combination of pistachio powder or slices of all types of Iranian pistachios to give the prepared slice a unique taste to foods and snacks.

American Pistachio:
The United States is the second largest producer and exporter of pistachios in the world. American pistachios are more similar to Iranian pistachios than any other pistachio, but in terms of taste, size and price, Iranian pistachio is a head and neck higher. Its unsaturated oil is much less than Iranian pistachios.
Some of the most important American pistachio cultivars include Kerman, Golden Hills and Gumdrop. Kerman pistachio has a light green color. American pistachio kernels are slightly shorter than Iranian pistachios.

Turkish pistachio:
Turkey is the third largest producer of pistachios. Unlike Iranian and American pistachios, Turkish pistachio kernels are shorter than their hard shells. That is, it is completely inside the shell. There are different types of Turkish pistachios. Antep nut and Siirt pistachio are some of its types. Cracked pistachios are harder to open. This pistachio is more expensive than American pistachio.

How is the quality standard of pistachio (ounce) determined?

Oatmeal is a criterion for measuring the size, ripeness and quality of pistachios, but it should be noted that this is not the only condition for quality and also determines its price.
To determine the quality or ounce of pistachios, we weigh 142 grams of pistachios and count the number of pistachios. Any number obtained is considered pistachio ounce.

for example :
We weigh 142 grams of a sample of Akbari pistachio, in which there are 110 pistachio seeds in this 142 grams. The ounce of this pistachio sample is 22. But a sample of this type with the same hot amount of 120 pistachio seeds has 24 ounces of this sample of pistachios. The higher the ounce, the lower the price of that type of pistachio.
Intermediaries buy pistachios at low prices from the farmer in order to sell them; Then they are mixed with better pistachios and sold at a higher price. Another way to process these pistachios is to put the mouth-watering pistachios in water to soak them, then dry them with indirect heat and market them as smiling, high-quality pistachios.

Export nuts:
How to identify processed pistachios
Take some pistachios in your clenched fist and shake. If the pistachio kernels make a lot of noise when they hit their shells, it means they are smiling.
Of course, if starch is added to the brine solution during the roasting step, this method is not helpful for diagnosis.

Pistachio prices in Iran:
Due to the export of pistachios, its price is affected by the price of the dollar and its price goes up as the dollar rises. Another important factor is the type and quality of pistachios, their freshness and the amount of harvest of farmers in that year. The clean and stain-free outer shell of the pistachio is a proof of its quality.

Pistachio Exhibitions:
Every year, exhibitions are held all over the country, and we recommend producers to participate in these exhibitions.

Important points wh​​​​​​​en buying pistachios:
Smiling pistachios, in addition to being easy to open, is a reason for pistachios to ripen. Closed and fine pistachios may be unripe.

When buying pistachios, pay attention to the following points:
Pistachios should be one-handed in size and appearance.
The part of the pistachio kernel that is visible should be purple, reddish-gray, or purple and brown, depending on the type. The color of pistachio kernels varies from yellow to light and dark green. The greener the pistachio kernel, the better it tastes.
Pistachio kernels should be tasty and not have a bitter or unpleasant taste.
If the pistachio kernel is soft, it indicates that it has been stored in a damp place and its purchase is not recommended.
Pistachio kernels should not be too dry and wrinkled.
Avoid buying colored pistachios. They are usually dyed to remove stains on pistachio skins. If you pay attention, you will notice that the color of pistachio is not natural.
In this article, we provided explanations on how to export pistachios, conditions for pistachio exports, types of pistachios for export, and the best country for pistachio exports. If you need to export pistachios, you can get help from the experts of Zaam Trading Company.