Everything about dried tomatoes

Sell ​​dried tomatoes for export If you are looking to buy and sell dried tomatoes for export, pay attention to this text.
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Uses of exported dried tomatoes:
As you know, pasta is consumed more in neighboring countries than in Iran. Dried tomatoes are one of the most important extracts used in this food and Italian food in general.
It is interesting to know that in Italy there is a tomato pizza that consists only of cheese and tomatoes.
How to eat dried tomatoes in food:
How to eat and use dried tomatoes in food is more a matter of taste, but it also depends on the type of food. Most of this product is made into a powder and used as an extract in food. Dried tomatoes are a good and healthy product that can replace industrial tomato paste.
Buy and sell dried tomato powder:
Buyers of dried tomatoes in the country, in order to facilitate the purchase and sale, and especially the export of this product, pulverize and sell it in special machines.Applicants for the purchase and sale of this product in different tonnages and qualities can contact the Zam collection even in order to supply the dried tomatoes they need.
Export of dried tomatoes:
If you are looking to export this product, the Iranian tomato market can take measures such as:
• Product supply
• Carrying out customs affairs
• Export tips
To provide to you dear ones. It is good to know that countries such as Russia, Turkey, Kuwait and Iraq are the main buyers of this product.